Homesteaders Natural Products

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Naturally Grown, Fresh Seasonal Produce

Produce selection and availability varies throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall. See our current selection on Facebook or contact us for more information.

Goat's Milk Soap

$8 per 3.5 ounce round bar

$20 for 3 bars

Our soaps are made with all natural ingredients including fresh goat's milk, essential oils, herbs/spices and natural colourants. Scents include: lavender, orange patchouli, rosemary lime, basil mint, peppermint patty, lemon thyme, fennel, geranium, cedar wood and unscented. Goat's milk is naturally nourishing and moisturizing and we use many beneficial oils as well.

Wool Dryer Balls

Set of three - $25

To use the dryer balls, remove the string and put all three in the dryer together. They will bounce around, loosening the laundry items, reducing the static and drying time by 30% on average. You do not need fabric softener or dryer sheets and they will last for years. 

If you wish to lightly scent your laundry, you can add a couple of drops of essential oils to each ball. If they get dirty (fall on the floor or pets get a hold of them) you can just throw them in with your next load of wash.

Walnut Soap Holder

$10 each

Natural soap lasts longer if it dries between uses. Walnut is a hardwood that will not splinter and will extend the life of your Homesteader soaps.

Folding Laundry Hanger

$100 each

Attach to the wall and use very little space when not in use. Brace the hanger up and fan out the arms and you can fit a full, average load of laundry. Made from sturdy hardwood, this hanger will hol including jeans, blankets and sweaters.

Healing Lotion

$8 per jar

Made with all-natural ingredients including coconut oil, olive oil, beeswax, dried calendula, plantain and comfrey with lavender and tea tree oils.

Farmhouse Style Decor and signs

Various designs and personalized decor pieces and apparel. View design options or contact for personalization on Facebook.